Account Management

Business’ performance becomes more reliable and forecasting more predictable when payments, collections, and cash flows are timely and accurate.  We provide accounts receivable and accounts payable services that deliver frequent analysis, reporting, improved communication and flexibility. This covers bill pay, individualized contract management, and electronic or paper-based procedures for billing and invoicing.

We keep you informed about your customer relationships and receivables through our regular reconciliation and analysis provided throughout the order to payment cycle.

  • Pays invoices by verifying transaction information; scheduling and preparing disbursements; obtaining authorization of payment.
  • Obtains revenue by verifying transaction information; computing charges and refunds; preparing and mailing invoices; identifying delinquent accounts and insufficient payments.
  • Collects revenue by reminding delinquent accounts; notifying customers of insufficient payments.
  • Prepares financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends.
  • Maintains accounting ledgers by posting account transactions.
  • Verifies accounts by reconciling statements and transactions.
  • Resolves account discrepancies by investigating documentation; issuing stop payments, payments, or adjustments.
  • Maintains financial security by following internal accounting controls.
  • Secures financial information by completing data base backups.
  • Maintains financial historical records.




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