Payroll Services

Paying your employees requires more than just writing checks. Calculating taxes & setting up direct deposit are just 2 ways we can help save you time. We offer a complete payroll system which computes payroll and payroll withholding for hourly, salaried, commissioned, contract, tip and corporate dividend payouts. We also work within any software currently being used by your business, including Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Sage, Xero and more. Let us help  you make payroll an easy and stress free process.

  • Up-to-date management of payroll related information
  • Calculating payroll taxes
  • Cutting live payroll checks
  • Managing direct deposit
  • Filing of W-2’s & other related tax information quarterly and at year’s end
  • 1099 Filing for Contractors
  • 1099 Div Filing for Dividend/Royalty Payouts

Business Filings

  • Sales & Use Tax Filing
  • S Corp/ C Corp Filing
  • Local and State Business License Filing

Let’s Build Something Together.

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