Tax Preparation

Don’t Wait for the IRS to Call.

Silverleaf Bookkeeping and Business Services does Individual and Corporate tax preparation and can prepare a variety of current, amended, and prior year federal & state tax returns. We also prepare quarterly Payroll and Sales & Use taxes for businesses like yours.

Our tax preparation and advanced planning services  are what every business owner needs to make sure they are decreasing  their tax liabilities  and increasing their tax savings. Let us help you plan out your year and stay on top of state and federal requirements. We offer both business and personal year-end tax preparation services. Able to help with all tax services that come up through out the year, we offer competitive pricing making tax time easier that ever.

  • Quarterly/Yearly Tax Planning Reports & Meetings
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Business Tax Returns
  • 1099 Filing for Contractors
  • 1099 Div Filing for Dividend/Royalty Payouts
  • Quarterly Sales & Use Tax Filing
  • S Corp/ C Corp designation
  • Business License requirements and payment reminders

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